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Zixi Feeder Edge Point

Zixi Feeder software resides at the point of acuqisition, and is either embedded inside Zixi EcoZystem partner encoder HW or SW, built inside a camera (no back pack or field pack required), or can sit side by side with any non-Zixi enabled encoder or camera.
Zixi Feeder accepts and prepares the encoded video for transmission over stsandard internet connections using Zixi's UDP based transport stream porotocol.  Zixi Feeder communicats with Zixi Reciever creating a secure reliable network aware delivery path.  Zixi-Link and Zixi-Pipe are Zixi services enabled by a Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver connection.

The benefits of using Zixi Feeder include:

Provides management and control of video transportation at the source
Removes distance as a consideration for video transport
Allows producers to redesign workflows, based on availability of content

Zixi Feeder supports the following capabilities:

• Communicates with Zixi Receiver or with Zixi Broadcaster using UDP-based, video-optimized protocols on standard IP networks
• Accepts input from a broad range of hardware/software encoders and professional-grade cameras
• Mediates between video devices and the Internet, ensuring quality and reliability
• Easy-to-use graphical administration interface
• Transport Protocol optimizes bandwidth
• Zixi Leverages content aware forward error correction technique
• Maximimum Stream Latency can be specified which is guaranteed assuming available bandwidth
Feeder Specifications
Support Protocols: Input: MPEG TS over UDP (unicast and or multi-cast), RTMP, ASI      
Output: Zixi Protected Transport Stream to Zixi Reciever/Broadcaster, UDP to specified address and port,
MPEG TS output to file system
Quality of Service: Zixi Transport Protocol optimizes bandwidth to deliver Broadcast Quality
Security: Stream Password Protection, 256bit AES stream encryption

TR101-290 MPEG stream analysis (priorities 1 and 2)

API: Programmable HTTP/JSON API for monitoring, automation, and customization
Use Multiple connections to aggregate bandwidth
Hitless recovery from complete link drops or congestions
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