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Zixi Receiver Edge Point

Zixi Edge Points (ZEP) are made up of Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver providing both the transmit point to the Zixi Internet video transport architecture and the consumption point. Zixi Receiver, like Zixi Feeder,  is a lightweight software tool that runs  on standard PC hardware or can be embedded into a wide variety of professional     decoders and mobile devices as part of the growing Zixi EcoZystem.  Zixi’s Transport Stream architecture deploys monitoring, control, and intelligence along the entire transmission path. Zixi Receiver,when combined with Zixi Feeder (Zixi-Link or Zixi -Pipe) is uniquely designed to deliver the quality and reliability that enables professional broadcasters, sports networks, and service providers to adopt IP networks for primary contribution, ENG backhaul, satellite backup, disaster recovery, OTT and broadcast distribution.

The benefits of using Zixi Receiver include:

Embed Zixi Receiver into any device (HW or SW) decoders, set top boxes, game consoles, apps, mobile devices

Access to SDK for tools to embed Zixi into your platform

Proven in real world distribution workflows

High Quality delivery over any distance to any device

Zixi Receiver supports the following capabilities:

• Accepts input from Zixi Feeder or Broadcaster via standard IP networks (including the public Internet)
• Outputs professional-quality video to a broad range of Integrated Receiver- Decoders (IRDs), and to file system
• Zixi Receiver software runs on standard PC hardware (Zixi Appliance) lowering costs and facilitating simple integration into the network
• Zixi Reciever software can also be embedded into decoders, set top boxes, PCs, mobile devices, smart TVs, Web, and apps
Receiver Specifications
Supported Input Protocols: Zixi protected transport
MPEG-TS over UDP and/or RTP with SMPTE-2022
RTMP pull from CDNs and/or other sources
RTMP push
Transport stream files from local file system
Supported Output Protocols: UDP
Output to compatible ASI cards
MPEG transport stream out put to local file system
File out put segmentable by user-selected time interval
Re-multiplex output streams to strict CBR for extensive compatibility with Integrated Receiver- decoders (IRDs)
Availability and Reliability: Windows® Server 2008; Windows Server 2012
Pull Streams from Multiple Zixi Broadcasters
Ability to assign fallback source to Zixi Receiver output to ensure continuity
System Management: Web Administration app for configuration SSH access via secure tunnel
OS compatability:
Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8, CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x/6.x 32bit or 64bit
Network Interface Cards:
Minimum of two gigabit Ethernet
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Download Zixi Receiver Data Sheet
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Distribution over IP made simple

Embed Zixi into your HW or SW platform, leveraging Zixi's SDK to enable live streaming over IP, at high quality, over any distance, from any device to any device.
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