Zixi Platform

Perfect picture. Blazing fast. Infinite reach.

The Zixi Platform is a cloud-based, server-based, or hybrid software solution that delivers live, broadcast-quality video over standard unmanaged Internet connections with total reliability and the highest-security protection. The Zixi Platform makes it easy to scale the use of IP video and can be configured in numerous ways to meet the needs of any sized business.

The Zixi Platform addresses the industry's biggest challenges, making it possible for media organizations to extend their reach, increase their production speed, and reduce operational costs.

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Deliver live content to more channels and devices. Consumers want to access content anytime, anywhere across a variety of devices and formats, packaged in ways that satisfies their interest and budgets. The Zixi Platform provides an always on, infinite, and on demand platform that extends reach and transforms content aquisition and distribution. Zixi makes it easy and economical to deliver tailored, localized content to consumers–including skinny bundles, bouquets, and unique to digital content.


Be more agile, efficient, and cost effective. Today's media organizations need to find ways to accomplish more with fewer resources. The Zixi Platform paves the way for virtualized infrastructure and replaces expensive traditional video delivery solutions–like satellite, fiber, and CDN–with a far more affordable cloud-based solution. By substantially lowering the cost of video delivery, the Zixi Platform makes it possible for media oranizations to explore previously untapped revenue sources–including live event broadcasts, localized channel bouquets, and more.


Replace outdated video distribution infrastructure. Traditional video infrastructure is expensive, especially as companies shift their focus from broadcasting to more targeted streams. It also has limits in terms of availability and reach. The Internet provides an attractive alternative, but existing IP video solutions have failed to meet the high production standards that media organizations require. Zixi enables companies to take advantage of the open Internet by delivering the performance, quality, reliability, security, and agility that media companies demand.


Zixi for Live Linear.
The Zixi Platform helps content providers distribute live linear broadcast-quality video from any location to any device–in real-time. Localized channels and bouquets can be delivered anywhere on the planet quickly, easily, and securely.
With Zixi, service providers can ingest channels from content providers, aggregate content from multiple sources, and distribute to partners around the globe–all without relying on costly satellite and fiber.

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Zixi for Live Events.
The Zixi Platform enables you to broadcast live events from anywhere there's an Internet connection. Stream perfect-quality video to your master control room in real-time using any standard broadband/4G connection. The Zixi Platform greatly simplifies live event logistics, so you can explore previously untapped revenue opportunities.


Zixi for Cloud Delivery.
The Zixi Platform replaces traditional satellite, fiber, and CDN with public cloud–offering a far more flexible, scalable and affordable solution for delivering live broadcast-quality content. The Zixi Platform delivers media enterprise solution levels in the cloud, supporting redundancy, failover, processing and distribution. And by virtualizing the live stream infrastruction, Zixi provides the agility to create mass customized packages for globally diverse audiences.