Zixi Presenting with JVC at IBC 2014

Zixi Presenting with JVC at IBC 2014



Zixi will be co-presenting with JVC at IBC

Topic: Global News Contribution Using the Cloud -


Time: 3:00PM –

Location: HALL 3

Gustav Emrich
European Product Manager
JVC professional Europe Ltd
Israel Drori
President and Founder
Session Description:
Zixi has partnership with JVC Professional Products that lights the way to a new, mobile, highly-integrated, IP-network based future for professional video cameras. The partnership is focused on rapidly integrating cloud-based networking features into JVC professional cameras. Zixi and JVC believe it is inevitable that functionality that has until now required separate devices are integrated into a new generation of mobile professional cameras. The results of the partnership can be seen in JVC’s wireless-ready GY-HM650, GY-HM850 & GY-HM890 ProHD mobile news cameras.

Zixi is a breakthrough IP Broadcasting software Platform that allows users to deliver broadcast-quality HD video globally over unmanaged internet connections and private IP networks. Zixi uses advanced error correction techniques to manage jitter, packet loss at low latency to deliver a reliable high quality stream that is secure. Zixi is in use by Over-the-top (OTT) delivery platforms, Internet and mobile video service providers, Broadcasters, Satellite and fiber network providers, News gatherers, Live sports producers, Enterprise businesses to broadcast company meetings, and Multi-campus houses of worship.

Zixi platform is a cloud based solution that perform many media processing services such as transcoding to a variety of different bit rates, deliver RTMP, HLS and other protocols, record and time shifting services.

Find more Details HERE

Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE™ CP6000 Integrates Zixi™ stream protection algorithm

Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE™ CP6000 Now Provides All-in-One Video Contribution for Both Cloud-Based and Ground Deployments

 Waltham MA— July 22, 2014 — Zixi and Thomson Video Networks today announced that its industry-leading ViBE™ CP6000 contribution platform now offers advanced capabilities for broadcast-quality video transmission over unmanaged networks, including the open Internet. By enabling cloud-friendly deployments for contribution and primary distribution, the ViBE CP6000 now provides an all-encompassing media infrastructure that supports multiple codecs, multiple networks, and multiple devices for ground-to-cloud and ground-to-ground video delivery.“In line with our commitment to bring innovative solutions to our customers and in order to smooth their migration to cloud-based architectures and cut their transmission costs, the ViBE CP6000 has been enhanced to provide a unified platform for clean transmissions over the Internet, as well as ground-to-ground contribution,” said Stéphane Cloirec, director of product management at Thomson Video Networks. “As a cloud-friendly contribution platform for broadcast-quality video, the ViBE CP6000 is an important component in our elastic video delivery solution for both traditional and new-media broadcasters and pay-TV operators. With an all-in-one solution, media enterprises are able to simplify workflows, streamline operation and deployment, and reduce transmission costs by using the open Internet instead of managed IP networks.”In a single rack unit, the ViBE CP6000 provides comprehensive ground/cloud contribution and primary distribution capabilities that until now have required at least two separate systems, one for high-quality MPEG encoding and another for clean transmission of the compressed content over the Internet. The ViBE CP6000 offers encoding or decoding for up to eight SD or HD channels with unmatched compression performance and format support up to MPEG-4 4:2:2 10-bit. For Internet contribution, the ViBE CP6000 integrates the Zixi™ stream protection algorithm to ensure the highest quality of service for video transport. Running as an integrated ViBE CP6000 service, Zixi provides a quality of service (QoS) layer designed for video delivery over unmanaged IP networks. It copes with Internet network impairments, packet loss, and jitter to offer broadcast-quality video delivery at an affordable cost.Further information about the ViBE CP6000 and other Thomson Video Networks products is available at the full article HERE

Sky News Arabia shortlisted for IBC Innovation Awards

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Waltham MA:  Zixi is proud to announce that Sky News Arabia, a Zixi customer, has been shortlisted for the IBC Innovation Awards  in the content Management category for Project SkyNet.  “Sky News Arabia is nominated for completing something in news that until now, had not been attempted before.  Sky News Arabia (SNA)  started a project last year that was finally completed in early 2014 which Sky News Arabia then rolled out to its bureau  truly empowering its journalists to provide content anytime, from anywhere to the channel’s viewers. To enable this, the technical team at Sky News Arabia, headed by CTO Dominic Baillie, engineered a futuristic system in-house that serves several objectives, one of which is to provide its journalists with the ability to access feeds over a public internet or private network and mix a live show from any part of the world remotely with the help of a laptop, a broadband connection and a USB key embedded with software, designed by the team.”

A key to the success of the implementation of the project was leveraging the Zixi IP Broadcasting platform as part of the overall infrastructure Sky News Arabia developed to meet the financial and operational goals of the program.  “We had to find a compromise between latency, ease of use and reliability. Streaming real-time HD video over the internet is not easy; it breaks up constantly due to dropped packets. We found a company called Zixi, which adds a management layer to transcend these unreliable networks. Testing this took a lot of R&D, but SkyNet has acted as a test bed and incubator for a lot of new technologies. We have since implemented what we learnt in Islamabad and Ramallah, instead of MPLS to deliver real-time high-res HD video (over 20mbps); we use public internet. The latency is equal if not better than MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and the quality is comparable. SkyNet is effectively an internet-connected studio. To make it work, we had to make it react superfast and that too, over the internet – not a LAN or WAN. That is the clever bit,” explains Sky News Arabia CTO Dominic Baillie

You can read the full article here of how Sky News Arabia developed and implemented this workflow leveraging Zixi.

The IBC Innovation Awards is a global awards program that honors innovation and collaboration in three categories—content creation, content management and content delivery—and the honorees are selected by an international jury.  The winners will be announced Sept. 14 during a ceremony at the 2014 IBC conference in Amsterdam.

You can read more about the nominees and why they are nominated here





CrossFit Games Get Tech Lift via Zixi



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CrossFit Games Get Tech Lift via Adobe, Zixi, NewTek -

“The content is delivered back to the headquarters via the open Internet and then used to create highlights and also offer a delayed broadcast via the CrossFit Games Web site. New this year is that YouTube in on board for live streaming. “The one thing about using the public Internet is there can be a lot of packet loss and quality drop outs and it was acceptable last year but we didn’t want that to continue,” adds Novello. “So we’re using Zixi because the proprietary format reduces a great deal of the packet loss and improves the quality of the stream that is sent to YouTube and our headquarters.”


Read the full Article HERE

Telestream Wirecast Integrates with Zixi

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Offering Wirecast users studio-quality video from anywhere to any CDN over the public Internet

Nevada City, Calif., April 7, 2014Telestream®, the leading provider of digital  media tools and workflow solutions, today announced integration with the Zixi video  delivery platform, enabling users to send Zixi transport streams to any Zixi on-premise platform or  cloud-based service, including Zixi Ramp.   Zixi’s cloud-based video delivery system is available as a drop-down  destination within Wirecast live streaming production software.

Using  the Zixi platform and technology, Wirecast users can dramatically improve the  quality of first-mile ingest to popular CDNs and for contribution workflows regardless  of distance. By centralizing the ingest point of presence (POP) using the Zixi  platform, Wirecast users can have a simple contribution setup for global event  ingest.

“The integration with Zixi and Wirecast provides our  customers more options for seamlessly producing and delivering the highest  quality video to their audiences,” says Barbara DeHart, VP desktop products at  Telestream.  “We’re glad to have Zixi as  part of the Telestream partner network.”

“We are happy to be adding  Telestream Wirecast to the growing number of powerful solution providers to the  Zixi partner ecosystem. Zixi integration with Wirecast gives our media partners  one of the most popular and powerful sets of tools to manage live events while  leveraging the reliability, quality and security of the Zixi platform,” says Raymond  Thomson, VP Product Marketing Zixi LLC.

With this integration, Wirecast  users can simply show up at a venue offering Internet access, connect to Zixi  Broadcaster or Ramp through Wirecast and instantly stream video to their chosen  streaming platform in pristine quality.

Zixi Ramp is implemented by downloading  the Zixi SW client, which accepts video directly from Wirecast, prepares it for  transmission via the Internet or private IP networks and transmits it to the  Zixi Platforms sitting on premise or in the cloud. Zixi Platforms and Zixi  Ramp, running in Amazon Web Services’™ (AWS) global cloud accepts the incoming  video from Wirecast and hands it off to the user’s selected online and CDN  destinations.

About Wirecast         Wirecast is the only cross-platform,  all-in-one live streaming production software that enables capture, live  production, and encoding of live streams for broadcast to multiple servers and  platforms simultaneously. Wirecast is ideal for streaming or recording live  internet shows, broadcasting breaking news and sports, streaming live concerts  and games, transmitting church services, corporate meetings, lectures and more.  Pro production features include live scoreboards, 3D virtual sets, chroma key  support, advanced audio controls and more.


Trademarked  company and product names are the property of their respective companies.

About  Telestream         Telestream provides world-class live and on-demand digital video tools  and workflow solutions that allow consumers and businesses to transform video  on the desktop and across the enterprise. Many of the world’s most demanding  media and entertainment companies as well as a growing number of users in a  broad range of business environments, rely on Telestream products to streamline  operations, reach broader audiences and generate more revenue from their media.  Telestream products span the entire digital media lifecycle, including video capture and ingest; live and  on-demand encoding and transcoding; captioning; playout, delivery,  and live streaming; as well as  automation and orchestration of the entire workflow. Telestream corporate  headquarters are located in Nevada City, California. The company is privately  held. For more information, visit

About  Zixi Zixi is revolutionizing the ingest, transport and  delivery of studio-quality video on the Internet. By enabling broadcast news,  live sports, service providers, enterprises and video equipment manufacturers  to use unmanaged IP networks like the Internet for reliable content delivery,  Zixi redefines the cost of acquiring and distributing video. Zixi’s proven,  unique transport software eliminates the problems in transporting video that  are inherent in IP networks and delivers video of unprecedented quality with no  stutter, packet loss or frame-freeze regardless of network conditions.  Customers using Zixi to enhance their users’ experiences include NASDAQ OMX,  the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Stryker and News Corp. Zixi is  privately held and based in Waltham, MA.

Press contact for Zixi: Raymond Thompson Vice President Product Marketing and Project Management W: 781-890-9690 ext 520 Email:

Zixi and Livestream Announce Partnership for Powerful Streaming Solution

Zixi LLC, the leaders in delivering high quality live HD over the internet and Livestream LLC, who offers event owners a complete set of hardware and software tools to share their events with a growing community online have partnered on several key elements of the Livestream solution.

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Zixi LLC Logo

Zixi LLC

“Adding support for Zixi in our product suite just makes sense,” added Max Haot, Livestream CEO and Co-founder.



Waltham, MA (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

Zixi LLC, the leaders in delivering high quality live HD over the internet and Livestream LLC, the leader in live video, have partnered on several key elements of the Livestream solution.

Using the Zixi platform and technology, Livestream dramatically streamlines and simplifies the first mile ingest from the live event venue into the destination’s CDN. By centralizing the ingest point of presence (POP ) using the Zixi platform, Livestream  removed  the complexity of launching thousands of live events while maintaining pristine video quality.

Livestream has incorporated Zixi software to ensure the highest quality delivery of live ingest streams into the Livestream service.  This functionality has been rolled out to Livestream clients for live sporting events and will soon be available to all Livestream users.  In addition, Livestream added a Zixi output option to Livestream Studio™, enabling event producers to produce and deliver live events to any location in the world.  Livestream Studio offers a full array of tools for viewing multiple camera angles, adding transitions, mixing audio, adding graphics, inserting ads, downstream keys, and more and is available with integrated hardware or as a software-only solution.

“We are proud to be a trusted technology partner for Livestream,” noted Zixi CEO Dennis Albano.  “Livestream is known for delivering tools that enable content producers to deliver professional live events. By incorporating Zixi software, Livestream will be able to ensure the highest quality video connections between event origination sites and Livestream’s data centers,” Dennis added.

“Adding support for Zixi in our product suite just makes sense,” added Max Haot, Livestream CEO and Co-founder. “Zixi is becoming the preferred method for delivering the highest quality video connections regardless of distance or errors on the network.  This agreement allows us to leverage Zixi’s technology for the benefit of our entire user base and enhances the Livestream Studio offering as well. We look forward to extending the use of other unique Zixi capabilities to distribute low latency and high quality video to end users.”

Zixi and Livestream will both be showing the combined offering at NAB 2014 happening in Las Vegas starting April 7th.  You can find the Zixi in the South Upper Hall at booth SU11905.  You can find the Livestream booth in the South Lower hall SL3305.

About Zixi Zixi is revolutionizing the ingest, transport and delivery of studio-quality video on the Internet. By enabling broadcast news, live sports, service providers, enterprises and video equipment manufacturers to use unmanaged IP networks like the Internet for reliable content delivery, Zixi redefines the cost of acquiring and distributing video. Zixi’s proven, unique transport software eliminates the problems in transporting video that are inherent in IP networks and delivers video of unprecedented quality with no stutter, packet loss or frame-freeze regardless of network conditions. Customers using Zixi to enhance their users’ experiences include NASDAQ OMX, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Stryker and News Corp. Zixi is privately held and based in Waltham, MA.


About LIvestream Livestream’s mission is to connect people and live events.  Livestream offers event owners a complete set of hardware and software tools to share their events with a growing community online.   More than 35 million viewers each month watch thousands of live events from customers including The New York Times, Facebook, ESPN, SpaceX, and Warner Bros. Records.   Founded in 2007, Livestream is headquartered in New York with offices in Los Angeles, London, Ukraine and India.

Press contacts: Raymond Thompson Vice President Product Marketing and Project Management 950 Winter Street Suite 3102 Waltham, MA 02451 W: 781-890-9690 ext 520 Email: raymond(at)zixi(dot)com

Christina DiRusso PR Manager

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Christina.DiRusso(at)livestream(dot)com o: +1 646 532 6622 Twitter: @CDiRusso Livestream 111 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Zixi Mentioned in Buyers guide to Backhaul article in Streaming media


A Buyer’s Guide to Backhaul

Whether you call it backhaul or contribution feed, getting a signal to a studio or CDN is a key step in the streaming delivery chain. Here’s a look at the options.


Sample of the Article:

There are many reliable UDP models that are both open source (RUDP) and proprietary (such as Aspera, Motama, and Zixi) that can help to optimize the throughput of data transfers that normally use TCP and effectively manage errors in the transfer in a way that does not destructively dump the entire transfer window.


Read the rest of the article HERE



Zixi Exhibiting at NAB 2014 in South Upper Hall SU11905


Zixi is Exhibiting at NAB 2014

We will have a booth located in the South Upper Hall SU11905

Register now for a meeting time with Zixi here


Learn why the UFC looked to technology partners, ATEME and Zixi, to provide a solution that utilizes Internet connectivity for the distribution of video content and new ways to support multiple production workflows over IP.

Learn more about JVC integrating Zixi into its cameras and offering the Zixi Broadcaster and Broadcaster service.

Learn why Sky News Arabia  are being called disruptive innovators by Broadcast Pro Magazine for using Zixi as part of their workflow.


See what Plugging in to Zixi means at NAB April 6th through the 10th


A Streaming Broadcast Camera: JVC Jumps to the Cloud



The JVC Professional Products Company is turning heads with it’s new 800 series professional HD camera line scheduled for release this coming March and showcased at NAB 2014. This innovative concept is anchored by the companies announcement of JVC Professional Streaming Services which includes the new JVC Broadcaster server powered by Zixi Technology. The scheduled release also in March will have a suggested list price of $1,995.00, and will require a subscription to JVC Professional Streaming Services. The user option of both physical and cloud based solution streaming is breakthrough, plus the ability to transmit live to broadcast or Web is just fantastic!

Read the latest news on the JVC Zixi partnership here:

Broadcast Beat

Studio Daily

TV News Check

TV Technology

Internet Video Magazine




Feburary 3rd, 2014: Waltham MA.



JVC Professional Products Company, a division of JVC Americas Corp., today announced its Professional Streaming Services for delivering live HD content to the Web and broadcast facilities. The new ProHD Broadcaster server powered by Zixi is the central component to the company’s new content delivery service. Available as a physical server or cloud-based solution, Broadcaster receives live HD video from compatible JVC camcorders, transcodes the signal for a variety of delivery platforms, and provides reliable transmission of the signal.

Read the full Press Release here


Zixi Product Marketing Contact:

Ray Thompson


ATEME and Zixi Provide Technology to Stream Live “Ultimate Fighting Championship” Events Over the Internet

ATEME and Zixi Provide Technology to Stream Live “Ultimate Fighting Championship” Events Over the Internet


High-Quality Video Streaming Supports Multiple Production Workflows Over IP Regardless of Limited Connectivity or Unpredictable Bandwidth


PARIS – Jan 23, 2013ATEME, a global leader in advanced video compression solutions for the broadcast industry, today announced that, through its partnership with Zixi, LLC, the company has delivered the technology necessary to stream high-quality video over the Internet for Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) events.



  • The UFC’s plan to produce approximately 50 six-hour live fight events across the world, results in production challenges: Many locations and venues have limited IP connectivity, making it difficult to deliver an efficient means of video distribution.
  • The UFC, selects best-of-breed contribution solution: UFC® looked to technology partners, ATEME and Zixi, to provide a solution that utilizes Internet connectivity for the distribution of video content and new ways to support multiple production workflows over IP.
  • Successful proof-of-concept results in reliable connectivity: Based on the success of the initial proof-of-concept, a small rack now travels around the globe, to every fight, to supplement global satellite feeds with video-over-IP delivery.
  • Supports multiple production “cloud-based” workflows: This groundbreaking technology produces high-quality compression that allows the UFC to use any feed from its production truck and create distinct workflows to distribute video around the world. Additionally, the software has provided the UFC with the tools to develop a series of “cloud-based” workflows that include the live capture of events, statistics logging and live streaming.
  • Las Vegas UFC event demonstrates highly innovative application: The first successful trial of the technology took place in Las Vegas during the George St. Pierre/Hendricks fight on November 16, 2013, and is now in continuous use for all events.



Christy King, VP Technology R&D, Zuffa, LLC, said:

“We had significant challenges in delivering multiple formats of video with limited connectivity and unpredictable bandwidth. The Zixi/ATEME solution is an innovative approach that provides reliable video feeds for our staff, media partners, and worldwide fans. The solution is a low-cost, high-quality video experience.”


Eric Bolten, VP strategic account development at Zixi, LLC, said:

“The integration of our streaming technology into ATEME’s Kyrion encoders and decoders delivers an enhanced quality of service over the “Open Internet”. The power of combining our streaming technology with ATEME’s world-class video quality is demonstrated in the successful launch by Zuffa/UFC.”





About ATEME:

ATEME is a world leading provider of HEVC / H.265, MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications.  More information is available at


ATEME Press Contacts:

Dorota Bouskela ATEME Corporate Marketing T: +33 169-358-988   E:

Kim Dearborn     Nadel Phelan, Inc.                    T: +1-831-440-2407   E:


Zixi Press Contact

Ray Thompson Vice President Product Marketing – E: P : 781-890-9690 ext 520

Zixi Partners with Pixagility to Deliver Video Transport System in France


Zixi Partners with Pixagility to Deliver Video Transport System in France

New Partnership to Offer Professional Video Transport Services



Waltham, MA,–Zixi LLC (, announced today a partnership with Pixagility (, a major broadcast reseller focused on delivering solutions to media partners in France.  Broadcasters are looking to provide innovative applications and services while maintaining pristine  quality,  lower cost, and flexibility. By Adding Zixi video delivery platform to their portfolio, Pixagility can now offer Zixi’s advanced, field-proven IP video transport systems to media companies.   This will enable broadcasters to use the internet as a backbone for delivering content securely.  In addition to reselling the Zixi IP broadcast SW suite for on-premise deployments, Pixagility is building an advanced IP-based live video delivery service leveraging Zixi Broadcaster that Pixagility will offer to customers in France and French-speaking countries.


“We are pleased to have Pixagility partnering with us to reduce transport costs for content producers and expand broadcasters’ ability to deliver live sports and other live content over the Internet with perfect quality,” said Steve Saleski, senior vice president, sales, Zixi LLC. “Pixagility is well known for its expertise in delivering advanced technology to broadcasters and OTT providers.   We have worked with Pixagility  before and we are excited to have them apply their knowledge and experience in the IP video space as a Zixi authorized reseller partner.”


“Our customers are seeking relief from the high cost and complexities of satellite and fiber connections,” said Ronan Lunven, president, Pixagility. “With Zixi we have a scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution to solve this pressing problem. Adding Zixi to our offerings will dramatically increase the value and application set they can implement for our customers– and we are already moving rapidly to begin customer implementations of Zixi’ IP transport services.”


With a growing ecosystem of encoder partners, service providers, and media customers, Zixi continues to lead the market for high quality live IP video delivery over standard Internet connections to any device at any time.


About Zixi

Zixi ( is revolutionizing the ingest, transport and delivery of studio-quality video on the Internet. By enabling broadcast news, live sports, service providers, enterprises and video equipment manufacturers to use unmanaged IP networks like the Internet for their content, Zixi redefines the cost of acquiring and distributing video. Zixi enables new business models and promotes the creation of new services while delivering extraordinary quality and flexibility. Zixi’s unique three-point architecture eliminates the problems in transporting video that are inherent in IP networks and delivers video of unprecedented quality with no stutter, packet loss or frame-freeze regardless of network conditions. Customers using Zixi to enhance their users’ experiences include NASDAQ OMX, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Stryker and News Corp. Zixi is privately held and based in Waltham, MA.



PIXAGILITY is an innovative, multiservice digital media platform that assists its clients in optimizing the value of their content and enable 360° distribution.

PIXAGILITY  works with media companies, television channels, telecom operators and innovative players through participation in strategic and technological thinking, solution implementations and the daily rollout of these solutions. PIXAGILITY assists their clients’ decision-making processes prior to implementation and offers a variety of packaged services including:

-        Archiving

-        Transcoding

-        Publication – Broadcasting

-        Hub

-        IP Contribution

PIXAGILITY’s main customers are France Televisions Distribution, NBCU, MTV, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Can’l, Filmo TV…





Raymond G Thompson

Vice President Product Marketing

Phone: +1-508-801-0553




Philippe Monzein

Director of Development

Phone : +33 1 46 21 87 39

Email :
Zixi is a trademark of Zixi LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Zixi and UFC featured in Sports Tech Journal White Paper

Live Stream-to-Store Workflow

UFC uses the internet and creative techniques to instantly distribute video around the world

By Christy King – VP Digital and Technology R&D, Zuffa and UFC

Read how the UFC is exploring more efficient ways to distribute video around the world by partnering with Zixi, Levels Beyond, Fight Metric and others to come up with smart ways to leverage internet connectivity to reimagine video distribution workflows.  This article describes how Christy King, the UFC, and Zuffa are addressing the demands of meeting second screen experiences, world wide sports-news deadlines, and smart screen requirements being created by consumers who demand content on any device, anywhere, at any time.





Download PDF

TVBEurope covers Zixi at IBC

TVBEurope has just written a story about Zixi at IBC 2013. And, although they don’t mention Zixi directly, they have a nice story about the JVC GY-HM650 which talks about the importance of streaming in ENG cameras. You can read the details of how the GY-HM650 streams using Zixi in the joint JVC-Zixi press release announcing this capability.

Ateme announces Zixi integration with Kyrion

atemeAt IBC 2013, Ateme has just announced that Zixi will be tightly integrated into Ateme’s Kyrion line of professional encoders and decoders. Read the press release on Ateme’s site.

This announcement, along with our other IBC 2013 news about JVC cameras with Zixi and our new cloud-based transport system Zixi Ramp, makes two things clear.

First, content producers today want more highly integrated devices, tools and systems. “Two box” or “three box” kinds of contribution solutions in which cameras, encoders and transport systems are linked in series are becoming increasingly obsolete as users demand higher integration. As Ateme says in the press release, Zixi and Kyrion work together to “…dynamically manage the video bitrate control based upon network conditions. [Kyrion] is the first contribution solution on the market that combines these complex features into a single device.”

Second, combining multiple functions into a single device not only offers convenience and potentially lower cost, it also becomes what Ateme calls a “technical game changer for premium content contribution…”

All of us are excited to see Zixi becoming the default protocol and application platform for high quality video transport and we are especially pleased to be able to show what Zixi can do when it is deeply integrated into a top-shelf system like Kyrion.

If you are at IBC 2013, be sure to visit Ateme at booth 1.D71 and/or stop by Zixi’s exhibit in Connected World, 14.342. Or, use our contact form to learn more.

Zixi partners with JVC to revolutionize ENG camera capabilities

Today at IBC 2013, Zixi announced a new partnership with JVC to embed Zixi into JVC’s ProHD cameras. The first camera to receive Zixi is the GY-HM650. You can read the details in our press release.


Zixi announces Zixi Ramp cloud-based IP video transport

Zixi has announced an exciting cloud-based system named Zixi Ramp. Zixi Ramp redefines ease of use for contribution applications and breaks new ground in cloud-based professional IP video delivery systems.

You can read more about these exciting new developments in our Zixi Ramp press release.

Newly updated Zixi data sheets

Be sure to download our new data sheets for Zixi Broadcaster, Zixi Receiver and Zixi Feeder. You can access these all on one page here.

Video streaming and Internet performance

There are many considerations video engineers need to consider when thinking about how to maximize video streaming performance. This short document describes those consideration and makes some specific recommendations for optimum quality and performance when using Zixi to stream video on the Internet.

Download PDF

How to set up Zixi for point-to-point streaming

getting-started-buttonWe all know the old saying, “You gotta start somewhere.” And that’s as true for streaming video as for any new way of doing things. And broadcasters, sports event production companies and other live content producers can be caught between a desire to start using IP video streaming to improve operations and their justifiable concerns about how to proceed.

The natural place to start is with a single, point-to-point transmission. In Zixi, this “first use” case is quite simple — once you know what to do. Get a single P2P transmission going and you’ll see that a) Zixi exceeds expectations and b) you can rely on it for the most demanding quality and reliability constraints. With P2P under your belt, you can “branch out” and apply Zixi to more complicated use cases — the things that really save time and money — like multicasting and using Zixi Broadcaster to deliver multiple to destinations, transcoding and transmuxing. All of that comes after you get your feet wet with that single P2P connection.

But, like all new things, it can seem daunting. Even though it’s actually quite easy and well within the skill set of every production person in the truck and/or studio, you need a roadmap the first time.

Today, with the help of my colleague and Zixi Jedi Master Emeka Okoli, we have posted a one-page checklist of what you need and what to do to get that first P2P stream up and running. The document is below (and duplicated here.)

Also of note are pages eight through 12 of the Zixi Feeder 1.7 Guide Start GuideIf you are interested in guidance on the two most important configuration parameters for a Zixi stream — maximum bitrate and maximum latency — you should review the tips and notes on these pages.

Download PDF

What should you do when your encoder vendor calls it quits?

Like most tech vendors, we keep our ears close to the ground for competitive and industry news.

Yesterday, we heard a shocking rumor. We understand that a major manufacturer is going to pull out of the US encoder market. No, I am not going to name the vendor because while you can confirm this if you call and try to buy encoders from them, they have not publicly announced their departure from the US market (and who would?).

Plus, it doesn’t matter who it is. What’s more interesting is the total impact on broadcasters and sports/live event producers resulting from the sunsetting of specific hardware. Sure, encoders are the lifeblood of broadcasting technology today — you gotta have an encoder to create MPEG-2/4 H.264/HEVC streams. But encoders, however crucial, are just endpoints in a video-specific network infrastructure.

So, losing an encoder vendor means, at a minimum, premature replacement of network infrastructure for broadcasters.

But it also means that this unfortunate event is the perfect time  to re-think the underlying transport technology that connects those encoders to production facilities, bureaus, affiliates and stadiums. Because you have to start changing things out, it’s the ideal time to rethink the whole system — not just the endpoints. Today, that rethink probably means a move to the Internet for video streaming and a reduction in the use of satellite and fiber. In short, it’s time to take a look at Zixi. We have a proven, three-point architecture that will work with your updated encoders to reduce cost and improve quality and reliability.

When you do get the call from your encoder vendor thanking you for your business over the years and that they are discontinuing their products, as soon as you hang up, give Zixi a call. We can help you design an updated network for your application that will be significantly better operationally and which will also help insulate you from other “good-bye and good luck” calls.

How to use Zixi for streaming studio-quality video on the Internet

Our VP of professional services and solutions and resident Zixi genius, Emeka Okoli, just sent me a document I would like to share with you.

Packed into a short three pages, Emeka explains how Zixi can be used to acquire content for news, sports, live events and more using the unmanaged Internet for transport. Zixi ensures that what comes out of the back of your encoder (in Emeka’s example, a Makito) arrives at your decoder with exactly the same quality it entered the network with. Think of what this means: you can use the Internet to stream studio-quality video no matter what the distance is between your locations. It also means you can save time and money by not rolling trucks or having to prep a site (everyone has Internet access these days). Another reason I wanted to share this document is that Emeka has enumerated the protocols that Zixi supports — as you can see, whatever your production workflow is, Zixi can transport it. The overview also helps new Zixi users understand how where Zixi fits in the transmission path.

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UFC selects Zixi

Ultimate Fighting Championship selects Zixi for its streaming platform. UFC is using Zixi to deliver high-quality content and improve its operations. Details are in the press release below.

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ViBE CP6000 now available with Zixi

Zixi is now available as an integrated component of Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE CP6000 Contribution Platform.  Read the press release below for details.

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Updated Teradek Cube with Zixi Now Available

Zixi announces that the Teradek Cube with Zixi now offers faster transport speeds. Read the details in this press release: Updated Teradek Cube with Zixi Now Available

Zixi Powers Leading Video Provider of College Sports

See how XOS Digital is using Zixi for their college sports ingest and video distribution.